How to buy from Newest Guide

How to buy from Newest Guide

Recently, we have got many inquires about “how can I buy from 1688”  and today we are going to share with you about this topic.

What is is China’s No.1 wholesale B2B and dropshipping website, It’s a Chinese version Alibaba. You can find a lot of various products, factories, and service providers on and build connections with them.  There are a lot of people using that website in China every day.  No matter you are small or medium online business owners, you can order directly from suppliers. It is  easy like ordering from Amazon.

How to buy from
How to buy from

Who is on

All suppliers on need to get Government business licenses for them to be able to sell their products at All suppliers will also need to pay an annual membership fee of 6888 CNY to express their level of commitment and seriousness for partnership.  so we no need to worry that these sellers are real and not scammers.


Why buy on ?

I think there are three reasons why you need to buy from and let me share with you one by one.

1. Transparent Prices

It is easy to buy on because you can see the price and qty. I think this is why most people buy from there. Many of the suppliers on are factories or top wholesalers which means you can wholesale products directly from factories in China, so that makes your order cost much less. Meantime, we can see easily when we are buying more qty, we got a better price.   Just take one example for you.



How to buy from
How to buy from


2. Low min order qty

Normally when you are ordering from, The MOQ qty is very high, many times you need to wholesale hundreds or thousands of products at a time to get started. so if you are a small seller, it is risky to purchase so much inventory at once. However, Purchasing at is much much lower. For some products, the minimum order quantity is only 1 or 2 pieces. If you are a small seller, you can set up a store with ten or more product categories for only 100 or 200 dollars.


3. Free Pictures/Videos

If you are a new seller, Do you want to selling first and then ordering? is a great help because you can use their pictures if you are ordering from them. Normally it is free, which is really great help for online resellers.


4. Better price than Alibaba supplier

Take one of the flame light as an example,  the 1688 supplier selling same one 72 dancing one from 1pcs at price 23.5rmb, while the Alibaba supplier selling same from 33.61rmg from 200pcs. 1688 supplier price is much cheaper than Alibaba supplier. Even when you are ordering 5000pcs from Alibaba supplier, you are still get a much higher price than supplier.

How to buy from
How to buy from

As we can see it is really good to buy from, right, so how?

Let me guide you one by one.

Step 1: Please translate the language to English, because that would be easier for you to understand. Click the right mouse button and select “Translate to English”

How to buy from
How to buy from

Step 2: just type in the products you want to search for. and use it like other websites like Take lady dress as an example. You will get results as below:

How to buy from
How to buy from

How to pay the supplier on


You can easily find the products you want on, but the biggest problem is that you can not pay the supplier directly. Because as a foreigner, you don’t have an Alipay account.  An Alipay account needs to be used with a Chinese bank account.  Even there are some people who teach you how to get an Alipay account,  however, there is no Chinese currency in the account, which would be useless too.  so that makes payments to the supplier very complex, they don’t have import and export licenses and then can not get dollars from abord.  At that time, You need to have an agent to help you with the payment if you want to pay the supplier. We can accept US dollars and then pay in renminbi (RMB) currency to your suppliers directly. We also accept Bank transfer (T/T), Western Union or PayPal(for small amount).


How can I get the products?

As a sourcing agent, we have our warehouse in China, after you sort out the products want to order, we will count the cost for you, and you can pay us, we will order to our warehouse, check the products if we got what we order, quality and so on, and then repacking them and ship to you by best shipping ways.

Normally we will suggest different shipping ways when you are in a different country.

  1. By EXPRESS(UPS, FEDEX, DHL, EMS) to door, it is suitable for packages less than 100kgs(small qty or samples).  It will take 3-7days mostly, but cost high.
  2. By Airlines to your nearest airport. You will need to pick it up from the airport. It is suitable for packages over 100kgs or size big products.  It will take 10-15days.
  3. By sea to your nearest seaport. it can be used for less than one container product or full container products. It is cheap, but cost cheap and you need to deal with your local customs.
  4. By sea FBA to door, That means we will use by sea to your country, and then delivery to your door or warehouse by local express. This way is mostly used for USA customers. Maston fast shipping just takes about 13-25days to get packages.  for different zip code, it have different shipping cost, normally range from 2-3.5sd/kg.
  5. By train to Door, that means we will use by train to European, and then delivery to door or warehouse by European local express.  This way is used for most European customers who want faster shipping than by sea. and also our customer no need to deal with the customs by this way.  Normally it will take about 35-45days to get the package in door.

So for now did you get the point how to buy from

Conclusion is a very good procurement platform that offers relatively low prices for their products. The main challenge is that is China-based and most, if not all, of the sellers only speak in the Chinese language. But otherwise, their services are pretty good.

You can browse the products on and then use a sourcing agent like our company or a Chinese friend to help you communicate with the suppliers in order to make and finalize orders.

Here are some benefits of our services:

  1. Help you to get samples before max purchasing.
  2. Checking your goods before shipment according to your requirements.
  3. Collect different products from different suppliers into one shipment for you.
  4. Mark your labels on products if you request.
  5. Offer foreign currency exchange services.
  6. Handle your shipment in China to your address by sea, air or express… etc.
  7. Handle some other complex orders or develop new products.

the key is we are offering a free service fee for the first trial order. Feel free to contact us at for any requests.




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