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Service for Online Seller

We offer complete range of services for e-commerce sellers. Also can enjoy Low Min Order Quantity and Fast delivery. We have many customers who get the orders as fast as 7days after payment.

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Service for Wholesalers

We can help create a new products if you have idea or draft. We will offer different factory quotation for our customer checking before orders, we do special discounts for volume orders. We will arrange Multi-purchase grouped shipping.

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Service Table

Product Sourcing

Do you know that you have an 80% chance to get a more favorable price than Alibaba, We offer a general service fee table for products sourcing, it will include products sourcing, price negation, warehouse, free sample collection, OEM, develop products, random quality checking, order follow up. As your sourcing agency, we’ll operate on your behalf and deal with the vendors throughout the process while keeping you informed of all the relevant information.

For those service related, we offer a flexible service fee rate for our customers based on order amount:

  • Orders less than $1,000 : $100
  • Orders between $1,000 and $5,000 : 10%
  • Orders between $5,000 and-$20,000 : 8%
  • Order between $20,000 and-$40,000: 6%
  • Orders above $40,000 : 5%

We offer Free service fee policy for new customers who want to try with us! 

Extra Service

Even we have mentioned a lot of service for our customers, while still you may need some extra service as below:

Not every factory is equipped to handle your order. Before you start working with one, you can let us provide you with a supplier audit, which will include a background check of the factory through government registration documents, their legal status and qualification certificates and production capacity. We will also perform a manual checkup by testing them first hand. This will ensure that your supplier is capable of compliance.


Note: The price mentioned is for each supplier we provide supplier audits for.


When you are exploring a new product to launch, you typically want to evaluate samples from more than one potential supplier. This process can be drawn out as the suppliers operate on their individual schedules. Our product specialists are here to streamline this process for you.

FNSKU Labeling $0.1/unit 

Suffocation Labels $0.1/unit

High resolution images of your products with proper lighting are important factors when selling products. Our photographers can capture attractive photographs of your products, which you can use for advertisements and Amazon listings.


Note: There will be 10 high-quality photographs with a white background from different angles for the price mentioned.

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